Friday, July 8, 2011

I love and hate running

Running in Stanley Park in the early morning

I have a love and hate relationship with running.  As a family, we run a few times a week together.  Well....Elizabeth is lazy, she doesn't do anything but sit there.  Heidi is amazing, she's so strong.  I'm the "do we have to do the entire 5 mile loop today?" kinda guy.  Running is tough.  It's always so tough for me.  I constantly have that nagging little voice inside my head telling me, "quit....slow down....stop running"...that's when I hate running.

But I also love running for the opposite reason I hate it.  When that nagging and negative voice comes (and it ALWAYS does), I have the opportunity to defeat it.  If I am stubborn enough and tell it to "shut up" and I keep running...I get stronger (mentally and physically).  I like dominating my nagging negativity by being stubbornly positive about continuing on.   I also love running because it gets you fit and it feels really natural to run.  It's so simple...a pair of shoes and some comfy clothes.  No gear - no hassle - no excuses.

Now, I'll never be as fast or strong as Heidi 
but I can still outrun Elizabeth...which is all that really matters

I love and hate running

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