Thursday, July 14, 2011

Have you heard the news.....?

Heidi is pregnant....with my help!!


Elizabeth's pretty excited
....because we tell her to be

Heidi's hyper nauseated....

but this family's...gonna be 4!  

Heidi is now 15 weeks pregnant and has started her second trimester.  Lots of nausea and throwing up....but she is getting along with great help from some great friends who've cooked some fabulous meals.

Otherwise...all is well :)  We're heading to China in a couple weeks, and going to be in California as life is full, but good.  Other than the 24/7 nausea (which actually has died down a bit this past week)....Heidi has still been getting out climbing and running, two activities that she can still outdo me in (I really need to get pregnant myself, so I can climb harder and run faster).  Anyway...just a quick update for ya'll on the home front 

keepin' it real, homie   

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