Friday, July 22, 2011

I love mountain days....

We leave for China in 5 days, Elizabeth and baby in tow.  Wow, it's coming fast (more on that for another blog).  We leave for California in 4 weeks....#ThisIsLifeOnTheMove

Before we leave...a friend suggested an alpine climb, and Heidi said, "Go! with one condition....that you and I go rockclimbing, just us, before we leave."  Deal!

So today...Sky Pilot via Gunsight Gap

No summit.... stopped short a few hours from the summit from the col due to being in heavy clouds which created difficulty route finding in complex terrain.  But perfect snow conditions (firm and consolidated) and 7 hours of work with a good friend made the day well worth it!

Enjoy the pics....

Our route was heading up in between the Ledgellete and Sky Pilot, through a steep coular named gunsight gap.  

DVB, eats weird things in the mountains....he always has.  I really can't understand it

(skip this next paragraph if you're not a climbing gear nerd, like me)
For years I've been a plastic mountaineering boots guy....but for the first year I'm giving the Kayland Apex Rock mountaineering boots a try.  First break-in review:  I like them!  They are light, very grippy on rock (where they seen to excel).  They are full-shank but have a very flexible upper for easy walking.  They are split leather with an event lining.  I wonder about their durability, but today, my feet were warm and dry.  Yay!  They are comfortable and true to size.  Downers:  they seem to not have the same stability and general snow awesomeness as my Scarpa Invernos...but overall, not a bad boot at all!   

This was a GOOD day....

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