Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New School Year - Exercise?

I've got my cancer glow goin' on (tan)...
I know it's time to say goodbye to that summer vacation, late evenings, and summer-time rhythms.
It's time to get on with things......

Maybe you've
...picked your classes
...Set your weekly work/life schedule
...Paid some bills
and you're ready right?


You are not ready

If some regular exercise isn't in that new schedule of yours....
get it in there!

This morning I went swimming.
I sunk, due to abnormal gravity pull
and held onto the heels of the little old lady in front of me
but I tried.....and that, my faithful blog reader, is all ya need
....just a little bit of try.

So stick some exercise into that thick schedule
....expecting that our bodies will be healthy enough to carry us through another year of life.

Just a friendly reminder from joe and heidi white

Go get 'em!

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