Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today is your....

I said to Heidi recently, "I need an adventure"

"Naw", she replied abruptly, "Everyday's an adventure, if you treat it like one"

We know about adventures...all over the world:  on climbing trips, in the mountains, over ocean waves, and in every type of weather.  Multi-day, long-day, canoes, on skis, with ice axes, in climbing shoes, on surf boards, in hiking get the picture.

We know about adventures.  But her point was...
 we don't need "an experience," like rock-climbing, to find what rock-climbing offers.

What we need is this:
to see today as a test (a test of our character).  
to see today as a lesson (a lesson in stewardship).  
to see today as a gift (a gift that God gives us with love).

Adventure, is close at hand...if you're willing to see today as one.
Adventure, after all, is a state of mind.

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