Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A poem for your thoughts

A friend of mine, Lee Kosa wrote this amazing poem.  
I thought I'd let you faithful blog readers enjoy it too.
It's a poem that depicts the Genesis account.

  • A black blanket lay wrapped around the face of the abyss.

    Divine breath whispered across the deep¬–poised
    To create. 

    Light, shining distinctly in the darkness; 
    Sky, stretching out vaulting vapor and sea;
    Water—gathered and giving way to earth;
    As green goes forth from the ground.

    Lights—dapple dominion over the sky.
    Stars—perforate the night through piercing stare.
    Sea—teem thick with fin.
    Ground—abound with beast and hide. 

    Divine breath rolls into the body of a being
    created to reflect the creator.

    And the fullness of his presence was good. 

    Seduced by the call of the siren’s sound 
    They take and don the sovereign gown. 

    Confined, their freedom is found consumed, 
    And crushed by a weight not meant to bear
    they fall.

    Distorted—the reflection inward bends.
    Exposed—the likeness recoils in shame.
    Broken—the image writhes in pain. 
    Contorted—limbs limp against the grain. 

    Condemned to suffer, bruise and wound;
    Time is stage to an ageless feud. 

    Earth’s curse enslaves all work.
    Life staggers forth from labored birth. 

    Muscles groan with tones of toil;
    And the pounding ground throbs in travail. 

    Keeping pace with inner unrest–we run; 
    Stricken with the anxious illness;
    Driven by a desperate longing; 
    Subject to compulsive striving;
    Struggling to escape the ache,
    Fear fuels our frantic journey into the night.

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