Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shops and Projects

An interesting feature of living in Vancouver is many people we work with didn't grow up in a house but in an apartment.  It's a feature of this city that always surprises me.  Kids who have never mowed a lawn, trimmed a hedge, planted a flower, washed a car, or worked on projects in a shop/garage.  

I grew up in an environment where my mom gardened, my dad built stuff and where both grandfathers had endless tools.  In particular, my earliest memories include my dad in his shop, my mom weeding something, and my brother and I....being asked to help (at the time we hated that).  Now, as an adult, I CRAVE projects to do.  I do a fair amount of work on our truck, and fix the odd thing around the house....but I miss the medium of wood.  It's hard to build stuff living in an apartment with limited storage for tools.    

Back in Fresno, this is our shop.  One day, I hope it's used as a mechanic/wood shop and produces a lot of cool stuff.  In the meantime, I'll just dream about it.   

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