Sunday, December 4, 2011

Triathlon Training

A couple months ago, I decided I needed a new set of goals through the winter other than rockclimbing fitness in prep for our annual winter road-trip to Red Rocks in search of desert sandstone to climb.

So, I decided to do some triathlons in the months of March through July, with a couple of half-marathon's and Grandfondo's (big rides) thrown in there for good measure.  So, a couple of months ago I knew cycling and running, in particular, are much harder with any extra I dropped 25 pounds by training 6 days a week, eating on a very well-balanced meal plan, and drinking lots of water.  The weight cut was not that difficult and each week, I seemed to loose a few pounds.
Training has looked something like this:
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Run (45 min) & Bike (30 min)
Wednesday - Swim (45 min) & Strength train (30 min)
Thursday - Bike (1 hour) & Run (45 min)
Friday - Swim (30 min)  & Strength train (30 min) & Bike (30 min)
Saturday - Bike (1:30)
Sunday - Run (1 hour)

I usually train first thing in the morning, before the sun's up and when people are asleep.  The waking up  The training

I've always been an athlete (not a particularly gifted one) but I don't have any quit in me and I'm very goal training, has been going really well.  I swim a couple times a week with my friend, Dave....who is also my mountaineering/cycling/ministry partner....and who also happens to be a high level swimmer.  He has helped me out IMMENSELY.  I used to not be able to swim freestyle for 25 meters, now I can go 2000 meters rather easily.  That's completely because of Dave's instruction.  We swim at the UBC Aquatic Centre.  It's a nice facility with lots of amenities (such as a locker room and weight facility).

For cycling, when it's nasty outside, I'm on an indoor trainer and using a heart rate monitor to keep my heart rate in the zones I am training them in.  But when it's nice outside (winter cold but not raining)....see ya.

For running, rain/sleet/cold/ just gotta run!  Running is my weakness at the moment and even though we have run a marathon and half marathons, I feel slow.  

My 2012 race schedule looks something like this:
March – UBC REC Triathlon  - Olympic Distance (1.5 km swim, 40 km ride, 10 km run)
May – BMO Vancouver Half Marathon (22km run)
May– North Shore Triathlon – Olympic Distance
May – Grandfondo Mission (122km with 5570 meters of elevation)
June - Subaru Victoria Tri – Olympic Distance 
June– Scotiabank Half Marathon 
July– Subaru Vancouver Tri – Half Ironman (1.9 km swim, 90 km ride, 21.1 km run)
July – Cycling through the Rocky Mountains (600km with loads of climbing)
September – Grandfondo Whistler (120km with 2400 meters of climbing)

....and yes, heidi is joining me on the half-marathons and a couple triathlons

OK friends, hope you're not totally bored to death reading this really long post!

Thanks for following our blog :)

These are good days....

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