Monday, February 27, 2012

Do EVERYTHING in one weekend

As we walked onto an elevator...we saw this:

that smiley's so life-like.  So.....real.  As if it's staring at me...telling me something. 
Yes.  it is telling me something.  Anyway....

Sometimes, on one need to do everything.  Everything you want to one weekend. DO IT.  We did.

Ice skating as a family in downtown Vancouver.

5-pin bowling (Canadians understand this) in a vancouver LANDMARK uber-classic bowling alley

and when you've got family visiting....take these kinds of pictures.  LOTS of them. matters.  At every special every it.

And then....a SPECTACULAR day at Whistler (sorry Whistler friends for not visiting....we were crunched for time.  Next time!)

Perfect weather....Sunny, windless, crisp cold, great conditions...perfect. 

When the sun starts to set....take some pictures and ski the 4000 foot descent and SMILE WIDE

finish the day with celebratory Guinness and nachos 

and take pictures of your beautiful family.  And yes....Elizabeth was having....shall we say....a moment.  But no worries, she got happier when I gave her my Guinness (just kidding).

Great weekend!  Woot woot!  

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