Saturday, February 25, 2012

Skiing is misery....when....

Yes.  This first photo has nothing to do with the rest.  Sorry....I just had to include it.  Forgive me, please? It just make me chuckle....for some reason.

Some of my students took me skiing a few days those boys.  They rip.  

Taking me down the double blacks was the sense that eating raw vegetables is fun (you do it because it's good for you)

But not so fun for my ski. It broke.  My poor Silvretta Pure bindings....They are toast. Dang. So after a long walk down the mountain....and a snowmobile ride to the chalet.....I am forced to dream of a new pair of skis (read: I "like" having no cash in the bank).  Shall I get another touring binding and/or just get a new pair of dedicated downhill ski?

These are good days folks...
don't miss them....broken bindings and all

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