Wednesday, March 7, 2012

These random pictures have something in common

Life feels random
No two days are exactly the same
Different experiences with different people
...shape the world around us, making it, and us, different.

But then, a few pictures, taken on different days 
made me think:
if life's only constant is change...why do these pictures all look the same?  

When life's experiences are always changing....our experience of those changes can remain the same

Like Elizabeth, getting over her "fear" of the cold snow.  And now...content.

Like me, totally content with a daughter in one arm and skis in the other.

Like Heidi, content with her fun new haircut with bangs.

And my buddy Karl.  So happy that I took him to a Canucks game.  Wait...that's not right...those were his tickets.  OK, whatever.  But you get the point. Content with Karl.

Every day is different.  But we can experience every different day with the same contentment (yes, even in seasons of sorrow) of yesterday and tomorrow.

These are good days....

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