Saturday, May 26, 2012

A wee little date night....climbing in Squamish

We have really nice friends
They called and said, "how about you bring the kids to Squamish....we'll babysit and you guys go climb something fun"


So Mr. O showed Elizabeth how to slackline

and Mrs. R showed Josiah how to chillax under Squamish sun

and after some time hanging out together....

Enjoying GOOD company....

It was time to give'er

We truly LOVE Squamish.  The SUN and granite make for exciting date nights

We did a new route named, Rambles, which was put up by Jeremy Frimer and "the diggers"....a group of very committed route developers in the Squamish area.  We actually met Jeremy at the base of the climb and he recognized us from our blog!  

Rambles is a BEAUTIFUL route and a very easy access to the Squamish classic, Diedra. 

The top pitch had a lizard in the crack...
I like lizards
....but not in the crack that I'm about to jam into

date nights are best when love and adventure collide

....when that happens, good things are created...

These are good days.

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