Sunday, June 24, 2012

Scotiabank Half Marathon 2012

Ran a great race this morning before church with Heidi and our friend, Milissa!

Ran it in 1:55 or a 5:27km pace (8:47 per mile)

I felt really strong on the first half, and then got a really bad cramp on the second half.  It didn't slow us down at all (in fact we were faster on the back half....but it hurt....bad).

Heidi was weaker on the first half and REALLY strong on the second half...and probably could have left me in the dust on the last 3km...but we finished together!  This particular half marathon was Heidi's post partum goal with each of our kids. After Elizabeth, she ran this race in 2:03 on her her goal this time around, was to be under 2 hours...which we did!  woo hoo!

....and we even got some video!  

...and boy, are we lucky to be friends with the Kohs!  They came to our house EARLY, took the kids, and drove us to the start of the race.  WOW!  ....and Elizabeth and Josiah, love them too!  

Then, after the race, we grabbed a taxi to take us back to our house, picked up the kids, and got to church in time for me to preach!   Perfect!

These are good days...

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