Friday, July 6, 2012

This Sunday, The Subaru Vancouver Half Ironman...with Bronchitis

Some of you have wondered about my Race Plan given my bronchitis.  First of all, thanks so much for caring!  This is my race plan...for those of you who are interested!

The sickness is making me a bit loopy...

Race Goals:
·      Finish!
·      Pace, moderate efforts at beginning of each leg
·      Don’t obsess about the finishing time...I have bronchitis, a "personal best" is now not an option
·      Race your own race, don’t worry about other athletes.  

Key For Success:
·      Good pacing in each leg and no bonking
·      Stay healthy, no upset stomach or cramps. If my bronchitis gets the best of's OK to not finish. 
·      Nutrition plan: every 25 minutes – GU, 1 bottle per hour of Gatorade on bike.  On run, GU every 25 minutes and walk through every aid station to maximize liquid intake.  

Race Week:
·      In bed by 10:30 every night
·      15 minutes of stretching morning and night
·      Visualize a strong finish and overcoming bronchitis (headaches, congestion, uncontrollable coughing, "tired" body) before sleep each night
·      Eat clean
·      Review race plan nightly

·      12:00-6:00 – Bike Drop & Race Package Pick-up
·      4:00 – Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting
·      Drive the bike course
·      Early to bed

Sunday Morning:
·      4:00AM: Wake up,
·      4:15AM: Eat 3 cliff bars and drink 1 bottle of water
·      4:45AM: Head to start
·      5:00 AM: Transition opens, body marking & timing chip pick-up
·      5:15AM: Get body marked
·      5:30AM: Prepare transition
·      5:45AM: Warm up & stretch
·      6:00AM: Apply body glide, HR belt, put on wetsuit
·      6:15AM: GU
·      6:30AM: Swim!

Swim – 1.2 miles (1900 meters)

Key for Success:
·      Relax, avoid anxious thoughts while standing on the beach
·      Start back-right
·      Find a good consistent rhythm from the start
·      Sight frequently and avoid zigzags
·      If I drink wave/swimmer splash, think, “relax and breathe”

Say to myself:
·      Swim relaxed

T1 Tasks:
·      Unzip wetsuit after water exit
·      Remove wetsuit at transition
·      Bike shoes on
·      Helmet & sunglasses
·      Race belt
·      Quick hydration & 1 Gel

Bike – 56 miles (90km)

Keys for Success:
·      <155 HR bpm for the entire ride
·      Hydrate with Gatorade
·      Gels every 25 minutes

Say to myself:
·      Efficient peddling  
·      High cadence
·      Aero body position

T2 Tasks:
·      Rack bike
·      Bike shoes off, socks and run shoes on
·      Helmet off, visor on
·      Quick hydration & 1 cliff bar in first mile of the run

Run – 13.1Miles

Keys for Success:
·      Steady pace
·      Hydrate at every aid station
·      Gel every 25 minutes
·      Focus on form: stand tall, slight lean forward, mid-foot strike
·      Don’t over-do it on hills
·      HR bpm <150

Say to myself:
• Good form
• Comfortable heart rate

Post Race:
·      Stretch & ice
·      Nutrition
·      Enjoy festivities

Looking forward to a good day....whatever the outcome!

Thanks for your support :)

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