Monday, September 24, 2012

Rockclimbing in Squamish

It's these kinda days which stick in my head and heart for a LONG time.
Time is short...make due with what you've got.
We had 5 hours of sunlight to follow a long series of cracks up one of our worlds great granite monoliths named, "The Chief" in Squamish, BC.

St. Vitus Dance was the objective

But we first need to find the start.....

First pitch....perfect.

Second Pitch...tight fingers, good exposure, and a fun mantle to exit.

Pitch three was the money pitch.  Long and full of hand, fist, and off width (read:  hard and scary).  

Then the sun started to set.  BEAUTIFUL.  Granite under golden sunlight is one of the most pleasant things for an eye to see.

Yay!  Summit time!  

These are the memories I never want to forget.

Good days..behind and ahead.

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