Thursday, September 20, 2012

Family and living in Canada

We have been truly blessed!  
Yes, living in Canada is sometimes cold, and the obsession with Tim Hortons is confusing, and the constant use of "eh" is addicting,  and the universal fascination with the national religion named "hockey", can be confusing to the outsider....BUT, those aren't the hard things about living in Canada.

The hardest part of living in Canada is being away from where our entire family (both sides) live.  

If the Lord would not have called us here to "seek the Shalom of the city..." (Jeremiah 29:7) we'd be back in Fresno, California....close to the grandparents of our kids.

So...when family comes to visit...and we can be all together in one feels like a HUGE gift.

These are good days....

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