Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Families that ski together stay together...

As a family, we go to Grouse Mountain, every Monday, for 2 hours.
I know many of our readers are thinking two things:

1.  How is that possible with kids?
2.  Where do you find the time?

We'll explain.

Our house is about 20 minutes away from the base of the ski hill.
So...short drive = not a crazy long day at the slopes

Now...the goal is simply to have fun.  It's our sabbath day...and Sabbath for us means 2 vital and non- negociable things: Pray & Play.  We start the morning with coffee, listening to a sermon, and personal devos....then it's to the pool for a 3000 meter swim workout (training for Ironman) and then it's time to play, which for us, in the winter, is the ski hill.  

Sometimes we meet friends there....other times it's just us.  Usually, one of us skis while the other plays with the kids in the snow, making snow angles - drinking hot chocolate, and throwing snowballs at Josiah or other unsuspecting skiers (for some reason when kids throw snowballs at skiers ...they just smile and laugh!  It's a great way to throw snowballs at people without  Just have your kids throw them!) 

After 2 hours (an hour of skiing and playing, each)
it's time to head down the hill and get lunch. 

These are good days 

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