Monday, February 4, 2013

Ski Touring - Paul Ridge, Squamish

Monday's are my sabbath and Oliver, my adventures-of-all-sorts friend, invited me to backcountry ski tour in the Elfin Lakes area outside of Squamish, BC. 

Paul Ridge is the area we went to and had a GREAT time doing it!  The Avalanche Forecast for the area we were in was favorable, so off we went!  It was snowing on us much of the time, but only lightly, and there was a great powdery layer to enjoy.     

Ever wonder what I typically bring on a trip like this?
My kit usually includes:
An avalanche beacon
avalanche probe
an insulating layer
first aid kit
extra eyewear
gear repair kit
emergency kit
extra clothing

Oliver LOVES the mountains and enjoys the simplicity of good conversation + hard work going uphill + the fun work of going down hill

...and yes, even when our wives text us....there is ALWAYS time to get back to them...when there's cell reception.

When you get to a particular hill that is representative of the one you intend to ski, it's important to analyze the snow pack through a variety of tests which help us know the potential for avalanches. 

Today's multiple tests went after a short was time to ski!  

Ever wonder what I typically wear?
It really depends on the weather....but usually it's some variation of:
Upper Wick Layer: Long or short shirt
Upper Wind Layer: Jacket
Upper Warm Layer: Soft shell
Upper Precip Layer: Gore Tex Shell Jacket
Lower Warm Layer: Long under wear
Lower Precip Layer: Gore Tex Shell Pants
Gloves: Warm gloves + thin liner
Toque or Sun Hat
Helmet + Goggles
Ski sock
Touring boots with Intuition liners 

After a fun time through the trees and finding the fresh was back to the car park for the most dangerous part of the day....the ride home.  Logging roads wasn't too bad (I've been on that particular logging road in TERRIBLE conditions....and today was good!).  But snow tires plus chains plus Oliver's awesome driving skillz got us back safely! 

Once we were back in was time for coffee.  

I love coffee.

These are good days....

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