Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Backcountry ski touring (Lots of pictures)

We started at dark:30.
Coffee led to more coffee led to....
driving towards Squamish for some backcountry ski touring

My siiike was growing....

I love chains.  Some people hate them -- getting out of the car -- putting them on. I love em'.
I like traction
I also like the fact that Dan did all the work while me and my buddy Oli supervised

It was powder the whole way up....a few hours of awesomeness

....and soon we were in a beautiful place

it was cloudy
but the snow was freshly laid from the previous night

"Oh Lord our Lord how majestic is your name in all the earth..." (Psalm 8)

For lunch we found a suitable spot and were greeted by the sun! 

There is something strangely peaceful about a fresh blanket of snow. It's uniformity, the way it shimmers in the sun, it's "untouchedness".


We found a slope that we liked and after a few avalanche snow stability tests....we started doing laps
Skiing down
and skinning back up

It was all powder
all day

After a long descent we were back at the car park and ready for a bro shot

Then it was back to Dan's for a hot tub party
I now want to put a hot tub in my living room 

These are good days....

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