Monday, March 18, 2013


Let's be honest.
Triathlon is Type2 fun. 

Let me explain based on the fun scale:
Type1 Fun = Fun and enjoyable while it's happening
Type2 Fun = Fun in retrospect
Type3 Fun = Not fun at all...not even in retrospect.

You never know what kind of fun you're getting into on any given race day....but my goal is to turn type2 and type3 fun into type1 fun.  Anyone ever had luck with that?

Race day, for the UBC REC Olympic Distance TriDu Triathlon, was tough.  I had the flu for 5 days leading up to the event and on race day, let's just say my bowels were not cooperating.  They even yelled at me 5 times before the event started. 

Anyway....I managed.

My times were:
Swim - 28 min (probably more like 27 min or 26:30 in actuality as the swim time included running around the pool to exit and dress for the bike. Probably over a minute)
Bike - 1:20
Run - 53 min

Out of 200 competitors I was 19th overall on the that's good and I ran faster off the bike than last that's good too.  I was 49th overall. 

Heidi won her age group (Women's 30-34).
That's all I am going to say about that.
She'll be embarrassed. 

These are good days...

We are looking forward to Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2013 - June 23!

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