Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I hate spring....

People in Vancouver are saying it's Spring.  
Spring.  Whatever.
It's winter.
They can wear their shorts and and wind breakers all they want.
Go ahead...put on your SPF and avoid that cancer glow.
You want to wear sandals?  Fine.  That's weird though...
because it's winter.

I'll prove it to you.

I went backcountry ski touring recently

That white stuff you are seeing, all around, is snow.  From Winter. 
It's winter snow. 

See my touring skis?
They just ate a snickers bar
because when they get cold from winter
they need to burn calories to keep warm
because it's Winter

And see that peak on the left?
It's called Round Mountain.
and it's covered in snow.

tree skiing
....in the Winter
is fun!

We're wearing jackets because it's winter
and we're skiing on snow.
and snow....
is cold.

I mentioned to Oliver, my backcountry ski partner,
how happy I was that it was still Winter skiing season and spring hadn't ruined Winter yet

and he told me there was something called 
Spring skiing.

Don't mess with me.
It's Winter.

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