Friday, June 21, 2013

This just got real...

We checked into Ironman.
It's our first Ironman

It feels real now. 

It's the same feeling a pianist feels before she performs her latest concerto for memory.  She knows she can do it, she's practised it, she's visualized every keystroke....but she still has to execute.

We need to execute....if we want to see our dream realized:  
to do an Ironman, together

I know, blog readers, that not all of you care about the details of Ironman...or triathlon....or rock climbing....or skiing....or the other stuff we do as a family.  That's not what brings you here.

We know what brings you here...
You love our family...and we are so thankful for that. 

A short story:  When we were checking in today, with the kids strapped to our backs, drenched in pouring rain....a Ironman employee stopped us and said,

"How on earth did both of you manage to do a year's worth of training with two little kids?  We don't usually see that."  

Heidi replied, 

" was really hard.  But we did the training together, as a family. Run workouts ended up at the park.  Swim workouts involved the kiddy pool.  We tried to train as a family...and somehow we made it work! " 

I love my family. 
Now it's time to execute.

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