Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What we learned... - Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2013

We want to be parables of Jesus.

Since doing an Ironman, together, we've been driving long days to meet up with some friends in southern Idaho to go on a rockclimbing trip.  We've had a lot of time to introspect and debrief our past year.  We've asked each other..."what has this year meant to you?"

We now understand that the Ironman journey was about learning how to be a Jesus parable.  We want to be an alternative narrative within a worldly one.  Let us explain:  When the world's narrative emphasizes "getting fit quick", "loosing weight to look your best", "avoiding adversity and hardship" and "only doing things that make you happy"....we wanted to tell a different story.  We wanted to tell a Jesus story.

You see, the  benefit of endurance sport is not just's emotional, and yes, even spiritual.  It's an opportunity to tell a different story.

  • We wanted to tell a story about togetherness -- about a shared tolerance for adversity and hardship.  
  • We wanted to tell a story about family -- about fortitude and defying the odds that young families face.  
  • We wanted to tell a story about commitment -- about daily discipline that's carried by a strong and clear vision.  
  • And we wanted to tell a story about worship -- about doing something huge without making it an idol and placing it before God.

And when we tell the story of our Ironman journey....we'll tell it as a Jesus parable:  That together as a family we committed to doing something in a way that puts worship before fitness.   

Thanks for your support in our journey to Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2013



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