Thursday, August 8, 2013

Everyone needs to know how to swim

There is something empowering about being able to swim.
Water no longer becomes a source of fear...but instead a source of fun.
From fear to fun!  Imagine that.  The very thing you were afraid of becomes the very thing you long to do.

I love swimming.  I especially love open water swimming.  Lakes and oceans....I love swimming!

Recently I went open water swimming with a buddy of mind, DB.  He took us to Buntzen Lake.

I was SO EXCITED to go. 

Dave chuckled at my extreme excitement and just smiled

I loved swimming at Buntzen Lake because there are no motor boats allowed.  
i.e. there is no likelihood of doing a tango with a propellor.
Propellors are nasty dance partners.

From one end of the lake to the other is 2800 meters making it a round trip of 5600 meters (5.6km or 3.5 miles).  We didn't go the full distance but swam for an 1:15, to put in a good effort.

After a nice swim in PERFECT lake temperature (no wetsuit needed), we ate some lunch under the sun

If you are reading this blog and its summer time where you live....
Go swimming this summer.
Do it! me, you'll be blessed.

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