Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pictures and Effort

Some of the best pictures I've ever been in (read: the ones I like the most) cost me some effort (read: sweat).  I went backcountry ski touring again....hey, the snow is falling.....and it was kinda an ugly day.    Snow/drizzle the entire day....a type of wet-cold that sticks to you.....heavy snow that felt more like concrete...yada yada yada. 

But I was totally happy.
Effort always delivers the goods. 

Traveling on a snowy logging road always feels a little precarious....but rarely a problem. 

It doesn't take long to accumulate some snow....but this snow is wet and heavy.

Somehow selfies in the mountains are WAY better than any snapchat/instagram/LookAtMeImBieber selfie.  Mountain partner selfies are somehow more meaningful.  

After lunch in tree was time to go home.  Avy conditions were we had no problem calling it quits. 

These are good days....

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