Monday, January 13, 2014

Ski Touring Season is HERE!....kinda

Here in Vancouver we've been having a crazy winter.
A no snow kinda winter.
It's like the sky is constipated.

Well....there IS snow....but you gotta go high to find the deeper stuff, 1000m+
In the last 72 hours I've spent the last 10 in the mountains....kicking off the ski touring season.

Here are some pictures from today's trip.  I'll post saturday's pictures in another blog.

It was nasty today.  Freezing level was 2000m and we were hiking between 1000-2000m.  RAIN. the rain.  Oliver B....why do you do this to me?  

With strangely warm weather, rain, but 100cm in the last couple days of fresh powder, and loads of wind....the avy conditions are going CRAZY.  We dug some pits....assessed conditions and were satisfied with keeping it mellow today.

....and mellow is always OK with me.  I just like getting out.  Today needed to be mellow (read: no steep ski descents) because the snow was some of the heaviest powder cement (very wet snow) I have ever skied in. I felt like a beginner!  

....but I'll tell you. There is no better feeling than getting your body moving, being out in nature, breathing in it's silence and enjoying it's beauty.  DO IT!  

 These are good days....

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