Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A simple exchange

a typical California sunset.

Our neighbor said to us, "So, you've come here to start a church, huh? Where's your building?"
"We don't have a building," I said timidly. 

He seemed perplexed…and searched for a question he perceived wouldn't come across as dumb.  He asked, "So, what kind of church is it?"
"It's a church for people who don't like church!" Heidi said

He looked surprised.  It was like he had never considered churches were open to people who weren't Christians. 

He smiled, saying, "That sounds like my kinda church!  I think I'd like that."

There are 920 homes in the neighborhood and we are praying for every family they represent.  It's takes 8 miles (12 km) to walk every block of our neighborhood.  We pray for every home as we walk, run, or drive.   We are praying that that Jesus would assemble a group of people in the neighborhood to seek it's renewal and we are praying that Jesus would transform people's lives -- spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, relationally, physically, and economically. 

We want to be a neighborhood focused church that preaches Jesus and addresses our neighbors practical needs -- we'll start in a home and grow into a school.  We dream of church full of neighbors all working together to seek the renewal of the neighborhood and city we love -- Jesus focused, mission focused, Spirit led.  

Lord, build your neighborhood Church.

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