Sunday, January 25, 2015


Sunday's are a bit of conundrum for our family.  We haven't moved fully into the neighbourhood yet….we are close….but still unpacking boxes, doing work on the inside, and still very much in transition  -- getting health insurance, car insurance, new drivers licences, etc.  Our whole lives we've attended a church service on Sunday mornings…but now what?  We have many churches we intend to visit over the next two months to connect with pastors who will help us understand the city.

But in the meantime….what do we do on Sundays?  For the last two weeks we have spent a couple hours praying through every block of our neighborhood (8 mi/ 12km), reading scripture, singing, and meeting some neighbors along the way.  It feels a little "hokey"….the voices in our head say, "really, a church is just going to emerge out of some prayer walks and conversations?"

But you see, it's because we have big vision that we have to pray.

Our big questions motivate our big vision.  Questions like:
1.  Can we empower a group of neighbors to purchase and turn an abandoned property into an urban farm which can produce fruits and vegetables for our entire neighborhood using aquaponics and hydroponics?

2.  Can our family show Christian hospitality to 350 families in the next six months and see the Lord grow a community of people who together seek the Shalom of our neighborhood through a vibrant Jesus centred, neighborhood focused Church?

3.  Can we serve Jackson elementary by starting an early childhood education program and after school tutoring program?

And so on Sundays we pray…and maybe soon, others with join us, and together we will believe God for big things in the Jackson neighborhood.

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