Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Stunned. Dream Bigger.

A successful urban farm in Detroit.
Six months ago, we felt the Lord impress a question into our hearts.  The question goes something like this:   

"Can we turn an abandoned property in the Jackson Neighborhood into an urban farm which can produce enough fruits and vegetables for 920 homes in the Jackson Neighborhood?" 

I've shared this question with many people over the last number of months with mixed responses.  We see many people's eyes glaze over because it sounds idealistic and unrealistic.  Others….especially non-Christians are intrigued that a Christian or a church would think that food insecurity and healthy eating are "spiritual" issues which merit a church's attention.

Yet, there have been some who have applauded, encouraged, and asked us to continue to press deeper into our question and seek solutions.  Some of these visionaries have even pledged to donate to the purchase of an abandoned property and another recently agreed to help us work out the correct zoning required.

And yet…sometimes we doubt.  Did God really put this question into our hearts?  Is this really a realistic dream?

It was in the midst of doubt that we had a conversation today with a neighbor who lives directly across the street.

"Hi! When did you move into the neighborhood?  She smiled and quickly responded, "Oh, a month ago."  We inquired further, "Why did you move here?"  She thought for a moment, her eyes glancing to the ceiling before returning to us, said, "It's strange, my partner and I are from Los Angeles but we felt compelled here."  It was that word, "compelled" that caught my attention.  "Are you Christians?" I asked.  "No" she said.  Our conversation changed to the topic of what compels us.  We shared our hope of turning an abandoned property into something that can feed and bless our neighborhood. We saw her eyes light up.  She said, "That's exactly what my partner is currently researching!  It's his passion and dream.  In fact, he is already working with some guys in Fresno who are doing it.  We should do dinner and talk more!"

We were stunned. They live right across the street.

…Blog readers.   Dream big dreams….because there may be someone out there who has dreamt your dream long before you and knows how to turn dreams into reality.

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