Friday, June 12, 2015

Celebrating 10 years of marriage

These few days away have been a gift from God.  We've realized that we've never been away from all three of our kids, so the time to reflect, play, and sleep-in have been incredibly relaxing.   We've also never spent more than 100 dollars on any of our anniversaries....I suppose we've never felt the need to buy memories.  This year God used some friends of ours to invite us to splurge a we did. It has been incredible.  

We've realized (remembered) a few things while being away on this anniversary:

- We still don't love one another more than when we got married....but we do better understand the love we share. That's better. 
- We still don't love one another most in this life....that spot is reserved for Jesus.
- We still have a marriage characterized by mission. We are not driven to achieve wealth, or happiness, because our marriage serves a bigger purpose than what it can offers us. Our marriage is about together sacrificing and serving Jesus by aiming to make life-long followers of Him. 
- We still have a marriage characterized by friendship.  We've traveled the world, hiked and climbed all over North America and Canada, and so many more things...but we did them as friends.  
- We have a marriage characterized by substance.  We have deep friendships and people actually know "Joe and Heidi white".  We aren't people who take ourselves to seriously.  We admit our mistakes and failures to ourselves and others and hope that if we are made low, Jesus will be made high. 

...I could go on....but seriously, it's our anniversary....and I want to be with my girl. 

Thanks for all your support and love for us over the years! 

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Shay Kay said...

Nice family.God bless you all. I just found this but don't see any recent videos.Nor on face book.

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