Thursday, June 4, 2015

7 random pictures and one complete story

So how are you doing?…so many have asked.

I spend my weeks speaking about Jesus in front of every kind of group.  Here I am in the town of Avenal, a city just outside of Fresno.  

I asked someone there, "how many people are in your town", he replied, "14,000 but 7,000 live in the prison".  There I spoke about Jesus in front of a group of teens and 6 came up afterwards and wanted to talk more about following Jesus.  

We are learning to see Fresno with a new set of eyes…to see the way that beauty grows out of it's soil and up into it's long horizon.  

We are practicing faithful presence in our family…in the front yard and the backyard.  Many nights we have guests around our dinner table but sometimes it's just us…and that's OK. 

We are renovating an old workshop.  Hidden in one of the walls we found a beer bottle dated to 1892.  We are turning this workshop into a space where teens in the neighborhood can be paired with experienced mentors to learn job transferable skills -- woodworking, welding, auto mechanic, and artisan.  Most of our equipment is donated and it's going to be an incredible space. 

our kids are thriving

Our new Neighborhood Church intern has arrived.  He is living with us for 6 months doing design and marketing and learning how to leverage his gifts to love our neighborhood and serve our city.  

…and I keep talking about Jesus nearly every weekend all across the city --Sharing vision and telling the story the stories of Neighborhood Church in the Jackson Neighborhrood.

…it's going better than we ever thought it could.  Jesus is moving faster than we know how to keep up.  So many stories to tell….but not here -- Sign up for our newsletter if you haven't already:   

Thanks for loving and supporting our family as we plant Neighborhood Church.  We are on target to do a preview service in October and launch weekly at Jackson Elementary in January 2016 -- everyone we speak with loves the vision of - "a church for people who don't like church"…. a Church about Jesus, Neighbor, and Neighborhood.

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