Sunday, December 27, 2015

We have a new member of our family!

It was kind of incredible.  She went to nearly 8cm dilated without much pain.  The Doctors didn't know whether or not to admit her to the hospital or send her home!   

After walking a couple miles at the hospital, the painful contractions started....but between contractions....Heidi was in good spirits as always.

....and then, 1.5 hours later...a baby!  

Here in California (maybe other places?) your kids aren't allowed to make a hospital visit if they are under 15 years they were happy to receive a photo of their new brother....Joel Jay White.

Thank you for being a part of our lives and for following our journey.  Over 10 years of blogging and 1000 blogs following our adventures rock climbing, traveling, serving in Jesus' kingdom, and raising 4 kids!

These are good days...  

1 comment:

Becky @ said...

Beautiful family! Way to go, mama Heidi!

...that no-siblings rule must be specific to your hospital. I had all three of my boys in California and their brothers were able to come visit no problem. (Just FYI, so you know you have options for the next one.) ;)

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