Sunday, May 29, 2016

Climbing as a family

The mountains have been a constant member of our family.  Our friends named our kids "trail babies" since we seem to have 100's of pictures of them falling asleep in forests, under granite walls, in tents, and in child carriers as we walk along the trails.  

But they days of child carriers are slowly ending...they are growing up....well, for at least two of them.  They are hiking longer, carrying backpacks, climbing, and creating their own adventures in the mountains.  The other day, we went on a hike on the coast and they hiked 4 miles!  Impressive.  

Yesterday we went to a place called, Fresno Dome.  Fresno Dome sits at about 7500ft elevation in the Sierra National Forrest.  It's a beautiful granite dome with loads of climbing.  We recommend it.

The kids did a great job hiking.  Elizabeth got the hiker award for "Toughest Hiker" since she carried a pack.  Josiah got the hiker award for "Fastest Hiker" since he said ahead of group and kept pace with Nathanial, our groups fittest dude.  

We have always exposed them to rock climbing but always appreciate going out with people who are cool with having kids-in-tow.  Having kids on a climbing trip changes things in at least 4 ways:  

1.  You have to find locations to climb that are "kid friendly" (flat, no cliffs around, solid rock)
2.  You have to go to a place with "variety" - something for everyone to climb at their level.
3.  You have to lower your expectations for how much climbing you'll get in.
4.  You have to like kids...and understand how to help them have an awesome time.

We are so thankful for friends in Canada and the U.S. who are AWESOME with kids. 
We have the best climbing partners ever!  

Climbing as a family and friends has been an enduring way for our family to connect, laugh, celebrate the good, worship, exercise, get inspired, and learn the tools every family needs to thrive.

These are good days.

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