Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Still going for it!

You've probably noticed that we haven't been posting with as much regularity as you have been used to at www.joeandheidiwhite.com!  We've had this blog for 12 years and have almost 1000 posts and TONS of weekly visitors searching for all sorts of content.

But let me be honest with you...In 2014 and 2015 we intentionally reduced our presence on social media.  Not much twitter, no Instragram, not much blogging, no Facebook, and limited email.  In place of the time we would typically spend on social media we practiced faithful presence in our neighborhood among our neighbors.  Friends, I would recommend you do this at some point.  We're free!!....but it took getting off social media for a while to get used to it.    

Due to our social media silence.... many people have asked us this past year....Are you still rockclimbing, camping, running, and cycling as a family?

The answer is YES!  We've had tons of adventures...every month!....yes, 4 kids later and we still get out!  It's possible, friends.

Here are some pictures from our last trip to Sequoia National Park for a day of hiking!  Our kids did 3 miles on their own in hilly terrain (OK....Joel had the easy job....he can't walk yet)!

Adventure is out there!  Find it!
These are good days....

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