Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hiking - Lewis Creek Trail

Sometimes after the kids get out of school, we will take them on an adventure.  We use that word, "adventure" purposely.  We light their imaginations on fire by teaching them about how to deal with bears, mountain lions and about survival.  Sometimes Joe tells epic stories of adventurers and mountaineers who found a way to survive despite the odds.

Healthy imaginations are at the heart of every good adventure.

Hours pass easily when you keep them occupied exploring things.  We make up stories about "how the lake got there" and "how that tree fell over".  We go off trail and "loose the trail" and "find things" that "no eye has ever seen!"

Even our youngest, Joel, gets in on the action.  He has the easy job though...we do all the work! One day I hope he'll carry my heavy pack.

On this particular hike, we saw something we have never seen deep in the Sierra Nevada's.  We came across a lone apple tree!  Crazy!  Who planted it?  It was well established and old.  Did this area's first settlers, loggers, miners plant it for their own enjoyment?  

Healthy imaginations are at the heart of every good adventure....and so are good cliff hangers.

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