Monday, September 26, 2016

Rockclimbing - Tollhouse Rock

Rock climbing is one of our love languages.  Many of the preconceived ideas about climbing are that it is "too dangerous" and "too much risk."  And it can be dangerous....just like driving in the wrong conditions, in the wrong car, with the wrong driver can be dangerous.

Rock climbing is a great activity because it fosters a set of skills that healthy marriages require:  trust, communication, shared goals, and putting the needs of the other person before your own.

We have climbed together for over a decade and it's been an enduring activity for us through every season in our lives.  Now 4 kids later, most of the climbing we do together is with our that means short routes and half-days.

But today was different.

Our families watched our kids which meant that we got a whole day to ourselves in the mountains! 

We absolutely love Tollhouse Rock.  What a gem.  45 minutes from Fresno, short approaches, great 5-fun routes. Perfect! 

We did a famous route called Tollhouse Traverse.  It's an easy 4 pitch route which follows a continuous crack through a fun roof on pitch 3.  Then from there, an easy runout to the summit.

It was a perfect day for climbing -- tshirt weather, gentle breeze, and not another person to be seen.

These are happy days

11 years of marriage and closer than ever.

Summit party! 

 These are good days...

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