Monday, October 31, 2016

Rock climbing and Sabbath keeping

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is a little bit of "extra".  Sabbath should have a little bit of "extra" in it.  Maybe that's a date night, or your favourite run, or hanging out with your favorite friend.  When you keep a sabbath, consider doing something that fits these criteria:
  1. It brings you life and puts you at ease
  2. It creates avenues for you to worship Jesus
  3. It connects you to other people (sabbath is not a lonely experience, its a communal one)

Today my brother and I kept sabbath by climbing at Tollhouse Rock.  It continues to be a great place to keep sabbath.

It always feels good to knock out 4 pitches before lunch only an hour away from Fresno. 

Jameson's a good climber -- strong, fluid, safe, and confident.

We loved watching the clouds roll-in and roll away.  Half way up the climb the clouds engulfed us and decided to stay.  

It's always fun to climb in a feels like reading a good mystery. 

Summit shot!  We made it! 

At the top, we enjoyed watching the clouds roll past us, carried by a gentle cool breeze.

Sabbath is about connecting with God, enjoying God, and enjoying the fellowship that God provides.  
Climb on and keep sabbathing! 

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