Friday, December 30, 2016

Snowshoeing with little kids

Heidi and I have been snowshoeing together for over a decade.  We find it to be a fun way to keep hiking in the winter (when we're not skiing!).

Recently we bought the two oldest kids their own snowshoes.  They LOVED being able to walk on their own terms...not just hang out on our backs or walk in our footsteps.

We found a logging road which was closed off behind a gate and followed the fresh powder through the forrest.

We absolutely love seeing our kids enjoy being in the mountains.  It's a real dream for see them connected to a place...experiencing it...enjoying it...and creating an adventure inside of it. 

This little guy (below) didn't do much...he just slept.  

There's always time to make yellow snow!  It's a right of passage! 

These are good days. 

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