Monday, January 2, 2017

Skiing as a Family

Since having kids, 7 years ago.....a dream of ours has always been to ski together as a family.  We've always said, as soon as the kids were able to carry their own gear....we'd teach them how to ski.  Elizabeth learned a little bit a couple years ago...but this year was the year that Josiah and Elizabeth really started to get serious about learning. 

They got the stoke.

We knew that the stoke was growing because in the last few months....all they've wanted to watch on YouTube is skiing videos.  We can dig that.

It was so rewarding to see THEM want to learn how to ski...not us trying to "get them to learn". for us watch.

Sharing a passion with our kids has always felt very healthy for our family.  We hike together each week and climb together during the rock climbing season.  It felt amazing for us to see them get PUMPED to learn to ski and add another passion our family can share.

They both were such great learners.  Within the first hour...they were skiing on their own, going from parallel skis (french fries) to slowing down and stopping (pizza slices).  Their lift tickets included a ski lesson...which was OK...not great -- there were lots of kids and only a couple inexperienced teachers.  But it didn't seem to bother them.  They were happy to be on skis. 

After 4 hours of continuous skiing on the bunny hill with us...they asked us to simply watch from the bottom so they could do it on their own -- i.e. get on the lift, exit the lift, position themselves at the top and ski down the bunny hill.  For the last 20 minutes of the day...we watched them lap the bunny hill all on their own!  So proud!  We hope they'll be huckin' themselves off some rad jumps and descending some gnarly lines in the near future.  Go kids go! 

At the end of the day...a little snack felt well deserved.  They LOOK happy, don't they?

Today has been a real dream for see our oldest two share a passion with us that they genuinely look forward to and are ambitious to is so satisfying for us.  We can't wait for the day we get to be on the chairlift with them....side by side...talking about life, and getting ready for the adventure that awaits at the top of the hill.  

These are good days.

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