Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Woodworking & Baseball

Our church, Neighborhood Church renovated an old dilapidated workshop and turned it into an artisan space where kids learn job-transferable skills like woodworking.  My kids, though little, have loved spending time in the workshop building things.  They've built toys (for play) and tools (for work) and have learned how to use all the hand tools and some of the power tools safely. 

On this occasion, all work stopped and the boys just wanted to watch something while Joe worked.  I suppose that's OK. We grabbed their car seats from the car and put on a movie.  They listed to Dora the Explorer amidst the sounds of band saws, scroll saws, and miter saws.  

One of the things we appreciate about our kids is that they KNOW how to work.   Whether they are in the workshop or on the baseball field...they KNOW how to start a job and finish do it with passion and intensity.  It doesn't matter if its work or play...we have taught them how to put the same intensity into it.  It's a big value in our family.  Work and play are IMPORTANT.  When Josiah plays baseball he plays with all his heart.  When Noah works in the workshop....he builds with all his heart and uses all his imagination. 

We love that about our kids.
Work and play...both important...and both deserve our best effort.

These are good days

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