Monday, May 1, 2017

Family climbing trip - Red Rocks - Part 4

We promise...this is our last blog post about our time in Red Rock!  We finished our time there with a hike and a climb...a perfect combo...for a perfect time together.  Our oldest two kids are turning into some STRONG hikers.  Seriously.  I'm not just a proud parent (I am that, of course) but objectively speaking....Elizabeth is at the point where I have to try and keep up with her.  She and Josiah can hike for hours's seriously impressive.  Well done, kids! 

On the last day....Heidi had a chance to climb an incredible climb up a very interesting sandstone feature which included exposed & insecure chimney, crack, and face climbing.  Read:  a climbers nightmare and delight.  ...a diverse climb like that is going to expose anything you're not good at.  She rocked it and had fun!  

After 4 kids, Heidi hasn't lost her love for the mountains, for climbing, for camping, and for adventure.  In the last year she's run multiple running races, including a 200 mile relay-race which meant running through the night from Fresno to the central coast.  She's amazing!  

Our time in Red Rock was another amazing example of how the Lord takes cares of us:  a car that works, money for 2 tanks of gas, food for camping, the skill to hike and climb in wild places, and the spirit of adventure which has never left our family.  True joy! 

These are.  
Good Days.

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