Thursday, June 1, 2017

The value of hiking

There's a great book named "Best Easy Day Hikes Fresno".  Each week as a family we try to be on a new trail.  This book has made it very easy for us to know where to go.  It's been our game-changer.  This is a good tip for those of you reading this blog and longing to connect more to the city you live in.  Find a book that makes it easy on guesswork! 

In a world filled with technology...ipads, iphones,'s nice to get away from it all.  Maybe it's more than, "nice"'s necessary.  

There are things that can't be learned in front of a screen that, sweating feels healthy and nature doesn't care about your resume.

We all want to live lives that are simpler, healthier, more reflective, more family oriented, more present to place, more curious....being outside gives us what we're looking for and what we all need.

These are good days get outside! 

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