Monday, June 5, 2017

I left my heart in San Francisco

I (joe) never liked San Francisco.  As a kid...every time I went there, something bad happened to me.  In high school I got into "an altercation" with a street performer.  In college I sat next to a serial killer on a bus.  On another occasion, a pigeon stole my sourdough chowder bowl.  I still hate pigeons.

But all that changed a year ago.  Two friends of mine took me to San Francisco to redeem the city for me.  We explored the city on bikes for 8+ hours.  We rode, stopped, hung out, drank great coffee, and ate amazing food.  Seeing the city with a fresh set of eyes....changed the city for me.  I no longer saw it through the lens of it's deficits, I saw it through the lens of it's beauty.  

Beauty is important.  
Look for it everywhere, in everything, and in everyone.  
It will change your perspective.

Recently, we took a friend of ours who was visiting from Canada to San Francisco for a day-trip.  Even thought we HAD to go to deal with passport issues...we were able to sneak away and spend a day in beautiful SF.  

San Francisco is even more beautiful when you can enjoy it with the people you love! 

These are good days.

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