Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Work 6 Rest 1

Once a week we take a sabbath day. 
We work 6 days a week and rest 1.
Sabbath is just a fancy word that means "cease" or "stop".
We stop creating so we can remember that we are not the creator but the created. 

On Mondays we turn off our internet and turn off our phones. Our day starts in the garden (that's where we pray) and ends up in the hills (that's where we play).  Then, it always ends in a date night.  It's not perfect (we have kids)...it's not unique (millions of people keep sabbath)...
...but it is IMPORTANT.  Do you keep sabbath?  

Recently we went to a lake and just sat.
We listened to God
We prayed
We sang
We read

We are the created...made as human beings...not just human doings.  

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