Sunday, June 18, 2017

The school of Yosemite

We know thousands of people...and observed this to be true:  most people are on the earth, not in it.  We live on city streets, work long-hours, spend time at our kids sporting events, socialize with friends on the weekends, eat-out during the week and spend hours each week inside of cars commuting from one place to another.  Living this way is important...but not essential.  What is essential is being connected to the earth in meaningful ways.  Essential because being in creation reminds us that we are not the creator but the created -- very little inherent to our lives outside of being in nature can show us this as vividly.  It's an essential lesson.

We recently went with our friend Ashley to Yosemite for a day of hiking, sitting, walking, eating....enjoying our lives as the created.

These are good days

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