Thursday, March 14, 2019

Lessons on Hearst State Beach

Recently we took our friends to Hearst State Beach for a short hike in the early morning. It was a beautiful morning - overcast, cool, and quiet. 

The hike starts on the beach and heads onto a ridge that overlooks the bay and pier.

There is something important about seeing water in a constant state of motion interact with things which are set in place - rocks and beach.

In our life, we are often in a constant state of motion -- difficult work, raising 4 kids, cultivating a healthy marriage, investing in our friends, etc. What's important for us is that those things constantly interact with the rocks in our life -- listening daily to the voice of Jesus and loving our neighbors. The dance between the fluid and immovable is what makes our life fulfilling. The immovable gives things in motion purpose and direction.

The hike ends at a beautiful secluded beach overlooking the pacific ocean. Today's waters were choppy and wonderful!

Once we were back on the beach where we started, we spent time watching an Elephant Seal who was getting some warmth under a rising sun. 

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