Monday, March 18, 2019

Taking friends to the mountains

We often take people with us to the mountains. It's an important habit in our lives.
The Three F's are to be held with high esteem

Family, Friendship, Fire

....Fire, you say? "Campfire". We mean campfires -- siting around a fire at night with your friends and family might just be a human requirement (like food, water, and shelter)

This trip to Kings Canyon National Park didn't include any fire...but it did have family and friends. 2 for 3 isn't bad!

The Sierra's are filled with snow right's been an incredible year! We took our friends Anika and Niki...2 former students of ours, now all grown up and learning into their passions. They both are walking with Jesus and have become great women.

We spent our time walking on trails and looking up at the giant Sequoia trees. 

Sequoias grow up to nearly 300 feet and live up to 3000 years. These amazing trees are the tallest, widest and longest-lived of all organisms on Earth.

Taking friends to the mountains is like touching a great sequoia. Sequoias are unique, precious, beautiful, and extremely valuable. That's how we see our friends.

These are good days.

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