Saturday, August 8, 2009


Sometimes we just get that know?

That thing that starts as an idea and with building momentum snowballs into something a little ridiculous.

We had that today.

Thought: Taco Bell.

Internal dialogue: "Stupid idea...Taco Bell is 45 minutes away"

Married dialogue:
Person 1 - "Do you want to go to Taco Bell?"
Person 2 - "Not really, do you"
Person 1 - "Not really, do you"
Person 2 - "It does sound kinda good though"
Person 1 - "yeah it does"
Person 2 - "we should go"
Person 1 - "yeah, we should"

Snowball: 1.5 hours later - Success!

ahh, so beautiful...

happy girl

attack that burrito...attack that burrito

"V" for victory!


Lyndsey said...

are those NACHOS with FRENCH FRIES?? at TACO BELL?? please enlighten me :) btw - totally love the spontaneity, those are my favorite memories! said...

Hey Lyndsey!

Yeah, up in Canada Taco Bell and KFC are a joint-venture. Hence the "fries supreme" as we call them. When you order a combo meal at T-Bell, you get either fries or fries "supreme" - a total Canadian thing that we've come to accept as normal!

Tina said...

LOL said...

Nice use of LOL mom. That was good. Very good.



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