Monday, August 24, 2009

Mondays are for rest -- Part II

Hey all

As promised...we said we would update with a couple more photos from the second half of our day.

We had beautiful weather outside and the call of the mountains was loud so we decided to do the Grouse Grind. This is a VERY popular hike in the North Shore Mountains.

We've done it before. A couple years ago, on Father's day, we decided to celebrate our fathers by doing this hike. Three quarters of the way up, we discovered something I wish upon no one. A man, lying in the dirt, dead. Rescue parties came and Heidi and I, along with a few others, helped carry his body on a stretcher to the top of the hike. Later we found out that he was a father of 2, in his 50's, and that he died of a heart attack. We didn't do the Grouse Grind again until today.

The Globe and Mail said this in a recent article:
Rising 853 metres over 2.9 kilometres, the Grind is not a pleasant hike; rather, it's a hard huff soaked in sweat as the trail wends but mostly just ascends.

Wanting to redeem our last experience, and wanting to celebrate the life growing in Heidi, we knew this would be a good activity for the afternoon. And....we did it in less time than 1.5 hours and barely broke a huff & puff. That felt good. As we passed the spot were we found the dead father, we prayed a prayer for his family....

The trail is like an outdoor stair stepper. There is very little aesthetic quality other than the fact that the trees are beautiful and you are out of the hot sun for most of the way. There are also very few vistas. So, the question must be asked...why hike this trail? Answer: fitness is fun. Getting outside for a good workout is a very satisfying activity.

Heidi did excellent. We took our time, had a conversation the entire way (which is the way we know her heart rate is not too high), and just enjoyed being together in the mountains.

At the top....Heidi was craving an apple...Joe was craving typical.

Today Heidi is 22.5 weeks pregnant! It was a good day for a celebration. As far as we know, the baby is healthy the mom is happy and we are havin' fun!

A good end to a good day in the mountains with a friend.


jk0h said...

ok you're holding out on us...not telling us CRAZY stories like that one...

1.5 sweat...we could NEVER go with you guys without boring you two to death haha...


come back soon ok?!

josh & jenny said...

Thanks for droppin by J & J. You guys NEVER bore us! In fact, let's schedule a double date, soon! We'll do something we both do a lot of...EAT!

Browns? Wolf and Hound? You pick!


Matt and Sara said...

love the pics!! and love the hike. i wanna go with you!! looked like such a beautiful day :-) give that belly a rub from us! love you! said...

Thanks for the good word Matt and Sara!

Miss you guys!

Givin the belly a rub (hers, that is)...right now!


Leihlyn said...

Hey you two! I know I'm behind the times but you're my first blog post since you said you don't check email! Anyhow, it was great to see the pics...I miss you two, soon to be three! Heids, I wish I could rub your tummy!!! Can't wait to meet the little one. Could you periodcially send an email to remind that you have new blog posts..pretty please! Love you! :)

BTW...thank you so much for your monthly gifts...just found out it was you guys! Love you lots!


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