Monday, August 24, 2009

Mondays are for rest

Hey....still tired....but the good kind of tired...the tired which reminds you that you've done something.

This morning...devos at the coffee lounge were in order. So good. Hazelnut Latte's, reading and journaling were our morning existence.

Now, we are off to lunch for round two of our day. Objective: something outside (its BEAUTIFUL) combined with a noble dose of activity.

Heidi is now 22.5 weeks into the pregnancy and we will post photos later today on her progress. She is doing really well, feeling strong in between occasional bouts of throwing up. This has been a CRAZY summer (i.e. took 25 people to a poor village in China for almost three weeks and directed a camp for 190ish people in the gulf islands while somehow keeping our daily work for Granville Chapel intact) ...and its amazing to see her take her pregnancy in stride. The ONLY reason this summer happened was because God is gracious and compassionate, full of mercy and grace.

more pics soon...

j & h

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